The Museum

The Clemente Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the life and legacy of Roberto Clemente or “The Great One.”  With one of the largest collection of photographs and objects related to Roberto Clemente, the museum aims to educate its audiences on not only his incredible baseball career, but his humanitarian efforts and life off the field, as well.  

The Pirates drafted Clemente in 1954 and he rose to become one of the greatest baseball players of his time.  Facing both racial and language barriers on and off the field, Clemente rose above the adversity and dedicated his life to helping those in need.  He is remembered for his extreme generosity and empathy for those less fortunate.  In every off season, Clemente played winter ball in his home country of Puerto Rico, contributing greatly to his incredible batting records and miraculous arm.

The museum’s exhibits contain photographs and artifacts that help to educate visitors on all aspects of Clemente’s life.  Through outreach efforts, the museum works to fulfill our mission of honoring Roberto Clemente’s memory and promote his incredible humanitarian efforts he accomplished throughout his short life.

Clemente dedicated his 3000th hit to the Pittsburgh fans and people of Puerto Rico.  We are honored to be part of Pittsburgh’s dedication to him.  Some will come to remember. Some will come to learn. All will leave inspired.

We welcome you.

Tour the Clemente Museum

The Clemente Museum does not facilitate walk-in hours but operates guided tours only. You can find the full schedule as well as purchase tickets here.